About Doctor Booking

Doctor bookings is a Pvt. Ltd. Company. This webapplication is digital platform to provide online bookings of patients to any Doctors, Telemedicine hospitals,Clinics, Pathology and Diagnostic centers, etc.. • Chatting, Telemedicine,Video calling facility available for connecting the patient and the doctor. • Patient can order the prescrived medicines online too at anytime. • Doctor Bookings is an Web-application and Apps for booking. • Assistance team is available 24 X 7 hours. FOR DOCTORS • We provide a web-application . We also provide the same platform for the reception • We provide for doctor id and pasword. • Doctor create time slot for e-OPD,IPD,SURGERY. • Doctor manage online Patient e-OPD,Telemedicine Chatting, video calling and gives online prescription. • We manage digital marketing for the doctors and hospital through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and also manage local level marketing by distributing hoarding, pamphlet/brochure • Minimum charges from doctors FOR PATIENTS• Patients can register themselves and can choose appointment from the available slots with the doctor they seek to consult • Patients once registered, can book multiple appointments (with the same or different doctor) using the same login credentials. • Patient booked online any pathology and diagnostic centers too take 10%to35% discount. • Patient booked online for IPD SURGERY too take 10 % discount. • Patient can be uploaded our all investigation reports. • Patient online consult our doctors by chatting and video calling . • Patient can take online doctor prescription and download priscrition . • Patient can gives online medicine order at anytime. • We charge only 5 to 10 % from the patient for booking